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Hello from Mrs. Wizard!

After NAGC  (National Association for Gifted Children) Convention 2010 in Atlanta last weekend, I quickly came to the realization that I’ve been out of touch of my peers, and so involved in working with kids, I’ve neglected communicating what I’m doing with my students.  After attending several excellent sessions on Computers and Technology,  I decided this was a problem I needed to fix ASAP.  So, after a week of contemplation, I’m scrapping old blogs I’ve hardly posted to, and have just created this one, with a personal commitment to communicating what I’m doing with my students, where I’m getting ideas and inspirations, and hopefully making new connections and expanding my Personal Learning Network.

I asked my husband for his suggestions for a name for my blog.  His immediate response was “Mrs. Wizard”, which was exactly along the lines I was thinking.  I have a wizard Voki on my school webpage, and I was pondering how to convert that connection into a title.  So, Mrs.Wizard snapped into existence…   Being a technology nerd (I have almost 18 years of experience in business/technology outside of education), I gravitate towards using technology as much as  possible.   I’m very lucky that my school district has provided more than sufficient technology tools, and I’ve written grants to expand the technology tools I have access to.

It’s my goal to share frequently some of the ideas I have for using technology with gifted students, and to share some of the products they create.  I want to hear what you’re doing too!